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Rockingham dentist for over 30 years.

Don't worry. We are here to help you.

My Mission Statement

It is all about care.

My mission is simply to help you. In the best way I can, using my acquired skills and years of experience, not only in dentistry but also in my interests of general medicine and alternative medicine. For that matter, any way I can help you.

I love to work with my patients to ensure they receive the best care possible. The type of treatment and level of  care is exactly the same as I would expect and apply for myself, family, friends, the Queen or the Prime Minister. It is all at the same high level. There shall be no forced downgrading of the quality of treatment to fit into a health fund's rules, third party's  accountant's orders, or any non dentist's secretive directive of what a treatment should cost, or be, or what cheaper materials should be used to fit into their strict, corporate style, budgets. No corporate mentality here. Our relationship is simply you and me in open discussion.

No third party influence.* 

* you are able to claim your health fund refund though our hi-caps terminal, after your treatments, as per usual

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Taking Care of You

We have access to Metagenics Vitamins, minerals and herbal mixtures which can protect you from developing an illness or improve your chance of the Covid 19 infection being mild. Metagenics have a very good reputation in Australia. We can deliver to your doorstep or you can pick-up from outside our clinic. Payment is best credit card over the phone. Please call our reception for our stock list and price list. We intend to stock Zinc, vitamins and immune boosters. We also can supply you with dental products (dental, floss, toothbrushes annd toothpaste) to help you avoid trips to a crowded supermarket.

Covid 19:     Status of the practice

Due to very small or no community spread of covid 19 we are able to perform all facets of dental treatment as before the whole crisis. Things are not the same however. You will notice that our infection control procedures have intensified  Please call for details and our current status.

The Care You Deserve

Perfect gum health


(08) 9592 2077

90 Parkin St
Rockingham, 6168

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